Google has unveiled its initially smartwatch by its once a year developer talks.

The Google Pixel Watch combines its own Wear operating logic with Fitbit shape tracking.

Fitbit was acquired by Google pro $2.1bn (£1.7bn) in 2019.

The watch can be paired with Android diplomacy single and is 4G-compatible, which earnings it can function on its own lacking being virtually a phone – but to sort out this it requires its own data preparation.

Both the phone and watch would furthermore need to be on the same arrangement, Google understood.

The tech giant did not expose a fee pro the wearable, but it understood would be a “premium product” as it launches in the autumn.

It faces stiff competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung, which are already promote leaders in smartwatches.

There are already many third have fun Android watches which run on Google’s Wear operating logic but so far Google has not had its own device..

Crick Osterloh, senior vice-president of diplomacy and services by Google, understood the combination of “Google’s ecosystem and Fitbit expertise” was could you repeat that? Made the manufactured goods unique.

Despite speculation with the intention of the Pixel Watch might furthermore duo with Apple products, Google inveterate this will not be the justification.

Google’s early capture of Fitbit was probed by the European Commission, which eventually gave its praise.

However, Google had to get on to a digit of promises, counting not to “degrade the user experience of third-party smartwatches as paired with an Android phone” pro a cycle of 10 years, in Europe.

It furthermore had to swear an oath not to aid Fitbit data pro advertising purposes.

Google told the BBC it was committed to keeping shape and wellness data separate from other user data, and had worked with regulators to take up privacy concerns.

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