Apple Inc. (Apple Inc., AAPL), Ford Motor Co. (Ford Motor Co., F) and Dell Technologies Inc. (Dell Technologies Inc., DELL) joined the ranks of companies pulling out of the Russian market, while other multinational companies such as Volkswagen AG warned that Russia’s invasion of Other multinational companies, such as Volkswagen AG, have warned of further supply chain disruptions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

These measures are wide-ranging and reflect some of the changes that have occurred since Russian President Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin) ordered the invasion of Ukraine last week. Some companies have already hinted that they want to take a stand against Russia. Meanwhile, Ukraine, a major exporter of agricultural products and a supplier of auto parts, has been unable to export key components and bulk commodities that it used to export out of the country.

Western sanctions against Russia have banned a wide range of financial transactions and exports, and some companies have suspended sales and other operations in Russia as a result. All of these changes have caused some companies with deep roots in Russian business to re-examine their interests there.

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