President Joe Biden has officially announced a ban on Russian aircraft entering U.S. airspace, a move that would expand the aviation restrictions on Russia as the West expands sanctions against Russia for waging war in Ukraine. The news was reported ahead of Biden’s speech.

Biden said the action would further isolate Russia and put more pressure on the Russian economy. Biden said the ruble has been devalued by 30 percent, the market value of the Russian stock market has evaporated by 40 percent, trading remains suspended, and the Russian economy is in recession, for which Putin alone is to blame.

The U.S. decision comes after earlier announcements of bans in Europe and Canada. The restrictions disrupt airline flight schedules as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine escalates. In retaliation, Russia has issued a similar ban on European flights.

The “no-fly” ban between Russia and the West has caused problems for the global airline network, forcing airlines to cancel flights and, in some cases, to use more circuitous routes.

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